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Tour 2015


Since we’re no more Potsdams most hidden secret, we really hope you get rid of this little piece 😉 As shown above we are now part of educational training under the moniker “Musik aus Brandenburg” run by the town officials.Funny.

First thing WE did after re-listening: rehearsing a couple of “old” songs for our upcoming…


TOUR..yeah finally! Here we go!Come along and say Hi!

24/4 D Berlin-Schokoladen w/Minerva

25/4 D Dresden-Ostpol w/Dropout patrol

26/4 CZ Prague-007 w/Microvomit

27/4 D Nurnberg w/ Mobile Tiefgarage

28/4 D Leipzig-Zxxx w/Vialka

29/4 CZ Pilzen-Papirna

30/4 PL Wroclaw-Galeria MMXIII

1/5 CZ Kolin-K-Centrum

2/5 D Cottbus-Chekov w/Maybecyborgs

Heavy Spring Equinox Sessions!!

heavy spring

thanx & tour 2015!!


Hey folks,

first off we’d like to thank everyone involved in Flennen for the amazing last night! Check out their website and get your copy of the lovely zine. The tape features a unreleased track called “Teleferique” from a session we did in April 2014 among other great bands!

Looking back at 2014 we’d like thank Sebastian bearing with us. We wish you all the best, honestly! We’re pretty sure to meet you one day on another planet.

Concerning 2015 we’ve planned a tour from 24th of April ’til 2nd of May. So if you want to book us pls get in touch:

theantikaroshi at gmx dot de

And (hopefully) we’ll see the light of a new release by the time being!


the AK boyz

Flennen about outfits!!



TAK 2014


Hello world,

we’re taking it a bit slower right now, BUT here’s a new song. Please support these gentleman and buy the comp.

Another new track can be found on the recently released “15 years of Bliss” compilation.

Check out here!

Have a nice summer!

the AK boiz





Leipzig am Freitag!!